Community CONCERTS

Community CONCERTS

The Music Guild presented thirty live community community concerts during the 2023 – 2024 season and we plan to do even more in our 40th Anniversary Season. What a great way to celebrate 40 years! Performance venues include several centers operated by LA Family Housing throughout the San Fernando Valley. We have been particularly touched by the reception we have received at The Arroyo, a shelter and center for women only (where we sponsor performances by women-only ensembles).  We also perform regularly at Neighborhood Youth Association and monthly (every first Thursday) at Bread and Roses Café in Venice.

We present keyboardists, guitarists and singers, woodwind, string, and brass ensembles, mariachi bands, jazz ensembles, R & B performers and a diverse group of performers featuring folk and pop music from diverse cultures.

Many members of The Chamber Orchestra at St. Matthew’s participate in the Music Guild’s Community Concerts. Other featured performers include the Mariachi Divas, Adelaide Pilar, Angelo Salazar, Lorenzo Sanchez and Spencer Artwick and jazz artists Kirsten Edkins, Lolly Allen and Kait Dutton.

Recently, following a performance at LAFH’s Arroyo, Kirsten Edkins wrote, “I have had many high-profile gigs (from Lady Gaga…to Tom Hanks, Cher, Sophia Loren, and many other stars. The concerts at the Arroyo have meant leaps and bounds above the others. To be able to play for women who have been through hell, are hurting and on their way to a new start means the world to me. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Adelaide Pilar and Shirley Acedevo at LA Family Housing

Spencer Artwick at Bread and Roses

Trova Dos Latin Trio at Neighborhood Youth Association

Stephanie Amaro at Bread and Roses

Testimonials from members of the audience and featured performers

“I like the mini-concerts because I get to see how hard the musicians work to master their instruments. I also like how happy it makes them to explain how their band came together and to show us what they have been practicing for most of their lives.”

— Joseph A. S.
Student at Neighborhood Youth Association

“I enjoy the music after a long day of school. I come and the music relaxes me. Sometimes the music and the instruments are ones that I’ve never heard of.”

— Donna H.
Student at Neighborhood Youth Association

“After listening to the concert, I am able to appreciate music even more than I had. I am also able to hear many more types of music that I might not have heard before.”

— Ashley S.
Student at Neighborhood Youth Association

“I like the mini-concerts and I think they should keep on doing them because I learn new things about different instruments.”

— Andrea
Student at Neighborhood Youth Association

“Each time the musicians play for us I learn something new, including the names of different instruments and the different backgrounds of the members of the Bands. This makes me feel more respect for them.”

— Mark H.
Student at Neighborhood Youth Association

“We have had many programs sponsored by St Matthew’s Music Guild. I and our senior residents have enjoyed every program. The quality of the musicians and the performances they put together for us is top notch! We have been truly blessed to be included in this Outreach program.”

— Lindy Hays
Acting Director, Sunrise Senior Living

“Working with the St. Matthew’s Music Guild Outreach Program has led me to some amazing musical experiences that I will always hold dear to my heart. Musicians perform in the hopes of connecting with others on many different levels. Not only has this program allowed me to connect with others who I couldn’t reach alone, but it also has given opportunities to hear live music to those who don’t often get to. A total win-win. Whether it’s supporting my fellow women, teaching young children about music, or helping add a family ambiance to the soup kitchen meal, each experience makes the joy of making music extra special. I’m so grateful to be part of such an amazing organization.”

— Adelaide Pilar
Featured Performer

“I’ve had the honor of performing outreach concerts at LA Family Housing’s Arroyo. I’ve played for Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, Cher, and Sophia Loren, among hundreds of other stars. The Music Guild’s outreach concerts have meant leaps and bounds above these other gigs. To be able to play for women who have been through hell means the world to me as an artist. It is an honor to inspire these women and bring joy to their lives.”

— Kirsten Edkins
Featured Performer

The Music Guild is grateful for the support it receives from its subscribers, the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, MacTon Foundation, the I.N. and Susanna H. Van Nuys Foundation, The Estate of Jim Lathers, and The Estate of Mary Calfas Janos.

If you would like more information about St. Matthew’s Music Guild, please contact Board President Tom Neenan:

Mariachi Divas
Adelaide Pilar
Angelo Salazar
Lorenzo Sánchez
Spencer Artwick